Ex-RATT Frontman To Pen Band Autobiography

Former RATT frontman Stephen Pearcy is working on a book called "RaTales", which is set to chronicle the Los Angeles band's rise to fame and eventual implosion due to much-publicized personal differences.

"I've read some things and heard some things from people that say they know us," Pearcy explained to Rock Confidential. "Even some members of the original RATT were saying things that were out of context, not true, or a stretch on the truth. This is rock 'n' roll. You don't have to be truthful in rock 'n' roll, but the truth will come out. Not in a vicious way, but I've decided to let people know what's going on. I read liner notes. My guitar player, Robbin Crosby, died. Somebody puts out a record, slaps it together, I get it and the liner notes are wrong. The song credits are wrong. I'm thinking, 'This guy passes on and this gets thrown out with no consultation with the band. They don't even ask the band if we have any special material that we can actually respect this person with.' I'm really gonna dig into it. I'm going to tell people the truth. People need to know the real branches of the family tree that started as MICKEY RATT. All the information that's out there is whacked. You'll read all about the comings and goings of MICKEY RATT up to the RATT as we know it. There are people out there writing books and they're not mentioning the truth.

"Two years ago I got an injury and decided, 'Hey, this band that we had together that's been out of the picture needs to take a break'," Pearcy continued. "We'd done extensive touring. People were interested, but the record wasn't doing what we wanted. I wanted to re-group. It didn't happen. Long story short, I go in to protect the interest of my music and my band that I started and it turned into a legal mess. It was, 'Fuck you, we're gonna get a singer and move ahead.' Well, OK. It happened. Bottom line, it's ruled a corporation. It's turned into this nasty thing and the war isn't over. That fight was won but with the war is still going on. Members of RATT... I don't know what's going on right now with those people. I still am protecting my interest from people who have so much greed and animosity and no respect for something that was a good thing. RATT was a great band...probably could be. I want to let people know about the good times and how it started...who was involved and that type of thing. It's my life story. This is what happens when you really want something to happen. Sometimes it doesn't happen the way you like. Some of the best bands in the world are no more. Why? You do need to sometimes take steps back to go forward if you haven't been moving ahead constantly. Bands like BON JOVI who are stable know what's going on. There's no constant turmoil and disrespect. There were a lot of great, crazy, fucked-up times and there were a lot of really screwed-up things. 'RaTales' is gonna come out and tell people exactly how it is and how it was. I hope to have it out sometime later in the year."

Read the entire interview here.


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