FIGHT THE FURY, the new metal project from SKILLET frontman and bassist John Cooper, released its debut EP, "Still Breathing", on October 26 via Atlantic Records. The music video for the disc's first single, "My Demons", can be seen below.

FIGHT THE FURY also features SKILLET guitarist Seth Morrison, along with drummer Jared Ward and guitarist John Panzer III.

"'My Demons' is the first song that I wrote for the project about five years ago when I first had the idea to start FIGHT THE FURY," Cooper shared, offering some insight into the track. "It's a good first taste for fans because it's got all of the ingredients of the band: aggression, melody, screaming, angst, a touch of progressive rock, and frenzied chaos. It touches on some dark themes that can be related in general to most people's individual struggles in life."

He continued: "However, I wrote it specifically for those who have been victims of abuse. Some scars run so deep that we never fully heal. My hope is that through the lyrics, people will vent their anger and see that there is always light at the end of the tunnel."

Cooper previously commented on the genesis of FIGHT THE FURY, explaining: "I am so pumped about the release of FIGHT THE FURY! This is a side of me and my music that I don't get to show very often. It takes me back to when I first heard metal and the reason I fell in love with music. It's raw and unfiltered and emotional."

Cooper added: "FIGHT THE FURY is for all of the fans out there who like the heavy side of SKILLET, but want a super-heavy album. I hope they feel the emotion of the songs that we have put together because this project is for them."

"Still Breathing" track listing:

01. My Demons
02. Dominate Me
03. Still Burning
04. I Cannot
05. Lose Hold Of It All

While the Grammy-nominated SKILLET has proven to be one of the most successful rock bands of the 21st century, having sold more than 12 million units worldwide, Cooper wanted to flex his creative muscles outside of his main outfit with FIGHT THE FURY. The music crackles with a metallic, anthemic, and riff-driven intensity, along with unforgettable hooks. The songs that populate the band's forthcoming EP will take up residence in your brain for days at a time.

FIGHT THE FURY will embark on its first-ever tour in Russia this December. Details regarding future North American tour plans will be announced in the coming weeks.

Cooper told Pop Culture Madness about the heavier direction of FIGHT THE FURY: "It's all subjective. I was amazed to hear from one my friends from KORN [say], 'This is really heavy.' Then I've heard other people like, 'This isn't any heavier than SKILLET.' I think it's quite a bit [heavier], but it might just be that SKILLET does some heavy stuff — it's just that with SKILLET, you have a lot of other elements. We have a lot of pop in our songwriting, a lot of electronic elements in SKILLET that I would call very modern and even urban on the electronic side, so when you put all of those things together — and, of course, Jen sings sometimes — that brings a little more of a dynamic. [FIGHT THE FURY] is really less dynamic — it's more just the metal side, and there's a bit more screaming in it. For me, it's really fun because one of the songs has three guitar solos in it. When I was growing up, that was awesome — the more solos, the better. That's not as accepted these days, so being able to go, 'Man, I think I want to rock a guitar solo here' and not have anybody say no is a good feeling. It obviously it isn't as broad as SKILLET, so it's going to be more niche, but I think within that, it suits a particular format a bit better. It's a little angrier, and some of our SKILLET fans have been kind of like, 'This is too dark.' I hope that they dig it, but there certainly is a group where it's like, 'This is a little too much,' because it is aggressive, and it's a little angry."


John Cooper - Vocals/Bass
Seth Morrison - Guitar
John Panzer III - Guitar
Jared Ward - Drums


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