MACHINE HEAD's Flynn: "We Can Succeed"

MACHINE HEAD frontman Robert Flynn has issued the following statement—dubbed “Robert Flynn's Diary”—to the group's fans via the band's official web site at

“Life can indeed be crazy sometimes. It's kind of hard to believe that one minute, your single is gonna be the #1 most added Rock track in America, you're selling 10,000 records a week, you're selling out some of the biggest headline shows you've ever played. The next minute, according to the rumor mill, you should be finding plugs for your sinking ship, and looking for a new label.

“Of course that's not how we see it here with MACHINE HEAD, or how it really is, but that's the way things are often are perceived from the outside when it comes to the 'Music Business'.

“We had the POWERMAN 5000 tour, it got cancelled. The single was dropping Sept. 12th, Sept. 11th happened and the world changed. Single and video got pulled, we talked of postponing the release of the record. The record was coming out in 3 weeks, tour starts in 1 week, 1 week to decide...... 'go for it'. No one could guess the long-term ramifications of releasing a record 3 weeks after Sept. 11th, and it didn't exactly light up the charts. Hindsight's 20/20, ain't it. In light of everything, band morale seems pretty good.

“On Jan. 20th we start a headlining tour of America with 2 great bands, DARWIN'S WAITING ROOM and 3RD STRIKE. I'm looking at this as a great opportunity for us. It's a new year, I think, psychologically, people are ready to move on, check out new music, check out a rock concert by a band that always gives 150% to their fans. Some would say us headlining is just preaching to the converted, I don't agree with that. I believe word of mouth is, and always has been, instrumental in MACHINE HEAD's success. I'm also not a big believer in momentum, meaning, I don't think just because our last CD / Tour was good that we don't have to go out there and prove to people how good we are. I believe we do have to go out there and prove that, again and again.... and create that word of mouth.

“Hey, it's a tough business, it's tough to win in this business. By the music biz's gauges, good reviews are supposed to equal success and big SoundScans equal how good a band is. I guess by those gauges, AT THE DRIVE-IN should be huge and CRAZY TOWN is actually a really great band. If indeed Supercharger was a little lost in the weeks following Sept. 11th...... it should have been. America was tending to things much more important than music.

“There's not much I need to say to my guys about the challenge in front of us, and certainly no need to dwell on the negative things that have happened. I don't want us worrying about the things we can't control (bad reviews, rumors, drama, etc.). When I look at my guys, I see a band that gives their all, 150%, to every live show, I see a band that gives 150% to their fans, and I see a band that gave their all, 150%, to Supercharger. That's what I care about the most, that speaks volumes.

“There's a saying, 'Discontent is the first step, towards bringing about change'. When I listen to my local 'modern rock' station, discontent isn't the word I'd use, but hey, I try and change my local radio station. I request songs, I e-vote, and not just MH songs, my friends' bands too. But I ain't ashamed to say it, I ask for MACHINE HEAD songs, why not? Really, is there anyone out there who still wants to hear, 'right about now... funk soul brother'? I'd rather hear 'Crashing Around You', so what. Wouldn't you?

“You can make that change, it's the people who set the trends, remember that. Don't let the media control everything you hear, help make those decisions yourself, call in that request, cast that e-vote. Don't stop with MH either, vote for ILL NINO, vote for FEAR FACTORY, SKINLAB, and the DEFTONES. Don't do it just for MACHINE HEAD, do it for yourself.

“If you're listening to the rumor mill, it's saying MACHINE HEAD can't succeed at this.

“But I think differently.

“I see a band, that with a little more hard work on our part, with a little discontent from the average radio listener / MACHINE HEAD fan, and... with a bit of luck...

“We can succeed.

“—Robert Flynn


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